certifed engineer from ȘNPȘ National School of Bridges an Roads in Bucharest

scholar of Romanian Academy, Vasile Adamachi fund 
for specialization in Public Administration
in Berlin (1910/1911) then in Germany (1911-1912)

residence at 14 III Krummerstrasse, Charlottenburg

June 9, was in Dresda 
June 12, was in Berlin

June, becomes member of the Romanian Polytechnical Society 



temporary relocation in Moldavia, 
due to Bucharest enemy occupation during the First War World  

Nov. 1916
Sept. 1918










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The organisation of the public services,
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Uni-directional traffic,
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From the cities. An historical report,
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*** Urbanismul 5-7/1940 ... entire issue, minus 1 Note
A new attitude - A different urban planning,
in Urbanismul 5-7/1940
Discussions. Necessary improvements for public transportation in Bucharest. (A passenger's notes on the routes, vehicles, frequence, speed, stations, staff and passengers),
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*** Urbanismul 8-10/1940 ... entire issue, minus 1 discussion (2 pages), also the cover illustration
Romania - an Iron-Guardist state. The Union of the Romanian Cities: an imperative explanation,
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A plan for popular homes in Romania,
in Urbanismul 8-10/1940
Gassing and the evacuation of natural gases,
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The village of tomorrow,
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*** Urbanismul 11-12/1940 ... entire issues, also the cover illustration
Urbanism and building prescriptions related to the seismic activity in Romania,
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The city of tomorrow,
in Urbanismul 11-12/1940
New directions of the planning law,
in Urbanismul 11-12/1940
From the cities. Two catastrophes or report on the Cotroceni platforms (1936) to the Carlton Palace (1940). Foreseen, but unbelievable disasters (or one of the aspects of the responsability of the City Hall). A matter of conscience or an example of decison in the public interest,
in Urbanismul 11-12/1940
Discussions. Earthquake resilience,
in Urbanismul 11-12/1940
Discussions, Notes, Reviews, Information,
in Urbanismul

*** Urbanismul 1-6/1841 ... entire issue, and the illustration on the cover



dies at September 25, 1955, 
burried at Bellu Graveyard